Rules and Practical information


For participation in the Danish Doll´s House Festival.

SIGN UP: Fill out the contract here on our website.

PAYMENT: The price to participate in the Festival is 95 euro (700 dk. kr.) for 1 table. Tables are 70 cm x 150 cm. Price pr. ekstra table is 55 euro (400 dkr.) Max. 4 tables pr. exhibitioner. (Exhibitioners, who are used to have 5 tables can keep them). Please pay for your participation, when you enroll the Festival or latest the 1st of March 2020.
Kindly pay to the bank account Reg. nr. ………account nr. ……….. Iban nr…….. Swift code ……..
You are only ensured participation, when you have paid for your table/tables. As soon as we have received your payment, we will send you a receipt by mail.

INSURANCE: The exhibited items must be covered by your own insurance.

THE STALL: The tables are 70 x 150 cm. 2 chairs can be delivered to your table. Tablecloths in the colours af gray, black or green can be delivered in a limited mumbers. You are welcome to bring your own tablecloths.

HELPERS: For each stall with 1-3 tables, 1 helper sign will be handed out. For stalls with 4-5 tables 2 helper signs will be handed out. If there is a need for more helper signs these can be bought for 40 dkr per day or 75 dkr for the weekend.

LOCATIONS: Kulturhuset, Kulturtorvet 12, 3520 Farum. 300 m. from railway station of Farum. Good parking area near by and bus stop just in front of the building.

OPENING HOURS: Saturday from 11 am – 5 pm. Sunday from 10 am – 4 pm.

ADMISSION FEE: Adults 65,- kr. Children 30,- kr. Weekendtickets adults kr. 100,-. Children kr. 50,-. There will be a lottery on the tickets both days.

SETTING UP: Friday from12 am – 8 pm. Saturday from 8 am. The stalls must be in place Saturday latest 10.30 am.

TAKING DOWN: Everything must be cleared and taken away by Sunday at 6 pm. If you are not finished it will cost dkr. 200,- pr. started hours

REFRESHMENTS: Tea and coffee are served in the morning and in the afternoon for free. You will be able to buy food in the café. It will be possible for the guests to buy tea, coffee, beer, soft drinks, sandwiches and cakes. You can also buy food in the shoppingcenter next to the exhibition.

COMPETITION: There will be a competition among the exhibitioners about who is having the most stylish stand. The reward will be 500,- Danish kr. The judges will be members from the Miniature club.

It is only allowed to exhibit/sell items in Doll´s House size. Everything else will be rejected.

We hope that you after having read this still would like to join the festival. We are looking forward to receive your “Exhibition agreement for participation in the Festival”.