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Danish Dolls House Festival

The next Festival is Saturday 2nd of May and Sunday 3rd of May 2020 in

Stavnsholtvej 3, 3520 Farum

                            Half an hour by train from the center of Copenhagen

Opening times:  Lørdag kl. 11-17
                               Søndag kl. 10-16

Entré:   Adults dkr. 65,-,   Children dkr. 30,-    Weekend ticket dkr. 100,-

Welcome to The Danish Doll’s House Festival.

The Danish Doll’s House Festival takes place every year on the last weekend in April or the first weekend in May. The Festival in 2020 will be the 27th miniature show in Farum, and it takes place Saturday the 2nd of May and Sunday the 3rd of May. There will be about 60 exhibitors from Denmark, Sveden, Germany, England, Holland, Belgium and Norway.

There is shown so many exciting things in the miniatureworld, and is not only in the measure 1:12 it is in 1:24 and even lesser scale as well, but still in the authorized scale. Efficient hobby people are making remarkable things.

We are happy, that so many Danish exhibitors as well as foreign exhibitors are finding their way to Farum, so we have a chance to see, what they have to offer.

We do hope that you will enjoy our miniature show and have some interesting and inspirering hours, while you visit the exhibition.

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